Nik Malyaris

Technology Lead

Nik is an endlessly curious, people-oriented Technology Lead at Today. Having spent most of his career in the large corporate space building the highest calibre of development skills, Nik now applies his knowledge at Today, proving that purpose-driven work is entirely possible and powerful.

Nik is detail oriented and puts a large focus on process and documentation. He is skilled in designing processes and tooling that help a team be more efficient at standard everyday tasks, creating space to focus on the big ticket and unique features that elevate a project. Nik has a gift for finding clever ways to approach projects that allow our smaller teams to overdeliver.

Nik believes that we have an obligation to be inclusive and that accessibility is a critical part of any and every solution. He dedicates time to constantly developing the technical needs of implementing accessibility.

One of Nik’s philosophies is that anytime he does anything in life, he aims to leave things in a better state than when he found them. Ultimately, this is what he’s achieving at Today.

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