Natalia Radywyl

Head of Research and Capability

Natalia is the Head of Research and Capability at Today, working to maintain and build our robust, ethical and efficient research practices. She specialises in ethnography, design research, service design, experience design, environment design and facilitation. With a diverse background in the creative arts and academia, Natalia is using her skills to strengthen applied research in design and to make systemic impact.

Natalia has a PhD from The University of Melbourne, Australia, has worked with NGOs, the community sector and Australian Federal and State government clients. Having worked in multiple sectors and industries in both Australia and the United States, Natalia has a knack for assessing projects and ideas from multiple angles, ensuring solutions meet diverse needs. Her background in academia informs her rigorous approach and attention to detail, while her experience in public policy means she understands the context and frameworks of our projects and clients.

Natalia’s warm nature and genuine interest in people and their stories make her a great mentor and pillar of support for colleagues and clients alike. She approaches her work with genuine care, a critical eye and makes a sincere effort to have a meaningful, positive impact in the world.

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