Dewani Shebubakar

Strategic Design Director

Dewani is a curious and compassionate designer who loves identifying and solving meaningful problems to improve lives. She joined our Strategic Design team in 2021, starting work on the second iteration of Speckle, a financial services product Today previously worked on which won the 2018 Good Design Award for social impact.

Bringing a broad range of product, service and strategy experience from her time in creative digital agencies, Dewani has collaboratively co-created solutions with a range of clients across a variety of industries, including ACU, Deakin University, Kmart, David Jones, Nissan and HESTA.

Dewani is an observant and detailed researcher, a differentiated, critical thinker and a tinkerer of problems who enjoys enabling joy and beauty in the work. She does this by diving deep into the details to uncover impactful insights, as well as zooming out to shape the bigger picture with an eye on the future. Friendly and easily approachable, she is able to connect with diverse groups of people to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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